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Miriam Heller Miriam Heller from Niederzissen wrote on July 22, 2021 at 8:48 pm
Dear RI Team, Dear Stephanie,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the great opportunities we have been able to use with our kennel with you so far. Your expertise and this database are a wonderful step in the right direction for a healthy and diverse breeding! All examinations and applications we have made have been done reliably and you put a lot of emphasis on quality! Every WhatsApp message was also answered reliably and quickly.

We will gladly continue to use your services and recommend you to others.

Your Volcano Nyanza's Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel from the Eifel
with Miri & Samuel and Bonnie, Amali and Aaron
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Gerald Hoffmann Gerald Hoffmann from Holdorf wrote on November 28, 2020 at 2:31 pm
Hello RI team, hello Stephanie,
On 30.09.20 I had an appointment with my Madu for breeding suitability in the veterinary hospital Horst (NL).
We were received by Stephanie, whom I was allowed to get to know there for the first time personally. From the reception and over the period of the examination Stephanie accompanied me / us and stood by me with advice and action. Through her professional competence and very friendly nature, she helped me to stay calm.
I thank Stephanie for her efforts and organization and wish that the contact remains for the future and I may still experience many personal meetings.
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Rolf Lerch Rolf Lerch from Stinstedt wrote on September 4, 2020 at 10:39 am
We were on 19.08.2020 with two Ridgeback bitches for breeding fitness examination in the animal hospital Horst and were very positively surprised that everything was super organized. For us, many questions were open to us but Mrs. Müller could explain impeccably thank you for that.

Kind regards from Cuxhaven
Rolf and Olli
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Bernhard Hupe Bernhard Hupe from Salzkotten wrote on August 30, 2020 at 2:52 pm
We were on 26.08.2020 to the breeding fitness examination in the veterinary hospital Horst.
Mrs. Müller has stood by us in her usual competent way and helped us super. Many thanks for that.
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Lutz Thoma Lutz Thoma from Voigtsdorf-Mecklenburg wrote on August 25, 2020 at 1:40 pm
Dear RI Team, Dear Stephanie,
... and again we are allowed to hand over the pedigrees of our offspring to the new puppy parents. The mail from Holland was filled with kind words to the new families, with kind lines to us in the beautiful RI-folder. We appreciate the time, effort and expense that went into these documents.
We especially thank you, dear Stephanie. You always have an open ear for us and some helpful advice. After all, you never stop learning ...
On this way RI a hearty THANK YOU and see you next time.
Best regards Gabi & Lutz
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Sebastian Sebastian from Rzeszow wrote on August 5, 2020 at 3:49 pm
Uw website is erg cool en interessant, ik groet u van harte.
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Natasha Mashrafi Natasha Mashrafi from 49586 Merzen wrote on January 2, 2020 at 11:09 pm
Dear Steffi, I thank you for the efforts of the health maintenance of the is already a very big help with the genetic diversity.we as breeders can also give no 100 percent guarantee, but the database is already a big help thanks to your work. You always have an open ear despite all the work, for this I would like to say thank you????
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Hans - George Hans - George from Dülmen wrote on December 25, 2019 At 4:17 pm
Hi Stephanie,
I met Stephanie about 2 years ago, she did a great job of implementing a great idea!
Their database is about objectivity and transparency. Thus, about the physical and mental health of dogs.
In personal contacts, I have always been struck by Stephanie's great expertise and very human nature.
She has not only created the database with expertise and a lot of passion, but also built up a very good network, e.g. a cooperation with the veterinary clinic in Horst (NL).
In addition, she is an extraordinary lateral thinker who is not afraid to go new and also own ways with professional competence and courage!
But aren't the lateral thinkers the ones who move us all forward?
I think so!!!
In summary, Stephanie is a great professional, a great person and a great team player!!!!
fondest regards
Hans - George
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Hans - George Hans - George from Dülmen wrote on December 25, 2019 At 3:50 pm
Hi Stephanie,
Wishing you and Luc a Merry Christmas and a happy 2020!
Hans - George
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Marion Terhaar Marion Terhaar from Gronau wrote on December 11, 2019 At 8:23 pm
Hello, Stefanie.
Health is in the absolute foreground for your work. No matter which breed, or which mating it is just about. Also hybrid mating, or wanted crossbreed mating should bring a good, is called genetically healthy foundation with itself.
With you man with dog is there best advised!!!

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Marion Terhaar Marion Terhaar from Gronau wrote on December 8, 2019 At 9:16 pm
Hello, Stefanie.
All I can say is that you breed very responsibly. I breed too and that's exactly why I turned to you. Residual risks always remain. Genetics cannot always be influenced. Health is the most important good. You cannot buy health. To pay attention to healthy genetics in dog breeding should be unnecessary for everyone who breeds conscientiously. Residual risks remain nevertheless always. Ultimately, it is what makes the nature of the dog, what picks up the people.
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Laura Laura from Sheet wrote on December 4, 2019 At 8:45 am
Hello would like to say here my big thanks to Mrs. Müller. Very competent advice and simply nice person. Everything went as planned???????? I was also positively surprised by the clinic. Very nice way of dealing with animals. Many thanks????????
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Bernhard Hupe Bernhard Hupe from Salzkotten wrote on December 3, 2019 At 12:40 pm
I got to know Mrs. Müller and her dogs back in 2015. Since then she has become a competent advisor for me. Her idea to found Ridgeback International was a very good decision. Hardly any other association offers so much transparency regarding diseases and heredity. Ridgeback International is also one of the first clubs to make the JME test compulsory.
Maintaining the database is very labor intensive, requiring a lot of time and commitment.
Just a great performance.
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Andre van der Wielen Andre van der Wielen from Wijchen Nederland wrote on December 1, 2019 At 2:41 pm
Mooie ontwikkelingen zijn er gaande bij RI de site wordt steeds informatiever????
Ridgeback internationaal helpt een ieder op de juiste weg in het belang van het ras, waarbij gezondheid vooropstaat , dat spreekt ons erg aan.
Even voorstellen wij Hanny en André zijn grote liefhebbers van de RR en hebben via Sharula kennel onze 2e rr aangeschaft. Een teefje. Gezien haar hoge Gezondheid level van 112 leek het ons goed onder begeleiding van RI verder onderzoek te laten verrichten voor de mogelijkheid of Kira een geschikt fok exemplaar zou kunnen zijn.
onderzoeken zijn verricht in kliniek Horst waar RI op de dag van, alles in de perfectie geregeld had.
Ons uitgangspunt is dat alles gezond en optiemaal moet zijn. Dit is goed voor het ras in het algemeen, maar ook de toekomstige baasjes zullen er blij mee zijn. Kortom Ridgeback Internationaal helpt bij het ras te ondersteunen en eigenaren de helpende hand te bieden. Gezondheid is de rode draad om een mooi ras in stand te houden.
Kira heeft het hoogst mogelijke mogen behalen en als het mee zit en ze is goed vol groeit, dan proberen wij een nestje te realiseren in het voor jaar van 2021.
All medewerkers van Ridgeback Internationaal veel kunde en wijsheid gewenst in de toekomst.
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Beatrix Shoemaker Beatrix Shoemaker wrote on December 1, 2019 At 9:21 am
We have been Ridgeback owners since 2007 and had the pleasure of meeting Ridgeback International and Stephanie Mueller in October 2017 through the purchase of our male "Sharula Blue Bazinga". Thanks again to Stephanie for this great male????. RI immediately hooked me, especially the transparency of the database. And all this for a relatively humane annual fee????. And then there is Stephanie Müller, the "good soul" of RI, she always has an answer or a solution for all questions and problems????. I owe my knowledge about health, genetics and breeding of RR to her????
I also think that the partner clinics are a great thing! We have already been to Holland with two of our dogs for the breeding approval examination. Once in the partner clinic in Eersel and the second time in Horst. Both clinics are absolutely recommendable and the costs for the examination are more than acceptable for members of RI????. Thanks again to the whole team of RI for your great work in the sense of the health of our Rhodesian Ridgebacks!!!!
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Renate Hilse Renate Hilse from 28879 Grasberg wrote on November 30, 2019 At 4:41 pm
My bitch and I went to RI in August 2019 to get our bitch mated with Jack Sparrow .
Everything worked great .
We have been kindly received.

Greetings Renate
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Firevalley Firevalley wrote on November 30, 2019 At 4:30 pm
Thank you for the opportunity that we may and can contribute our experiences here. We have found THE platform where we can see all the important information. We recommend Ridgeback International to all breeders who want to breed this great breed healthy and with genetically secured data. Service, feedback and know how are absolutely super and reliable. We have had three litters so far. Thanks to the information available to us, we are able to live our passion. THANK YOU.
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All Breeds Admin All Breeds Admin from Swolgen wrote on November 30, 2019 At 11:30 am
Welcome to the RI Guestbook !
Write us your experiences and adventures with Ridgeback International. For example, how did you like the visit to our partner clinic?
We are looking forward to your reports !
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